Anniversaries and Art

from the Gainesville Sun

The Atlantic is hosting an anniversary party on Friday and Saturday with free performances by local bands celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Atlantic, and the 11th anniversary of the Top Restaurant directly across on Main Street.

On Friday night at the Atlantic you can hear a great folk/country line-up with The Ones To Blame, Greenland Is Melting and Ninja Gun. And on Saturday night at the Atlantic get your shoegaze on with The Mercury Program and Averkiou.

The Top, by the way, will be offering complimentary barbecue and other goodies on the back patio on Saturday, and both nights also will be held in conjunction with “The American Dream Art Show” at the Top Secret Space, which is next door to The Top, at 22 N. Main St.

The American Dream show is open July 7, 8, and 29


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