Homebrew Talk May episode is on making bacon beer!

Listen to the podcast to get the skinny on making a special bacon beer
Here’s the podcast:

Here’s the recipe:
contact: homebrewjockey@webreflections.com with questions

Basically there is nothing soluable about bacon itself (and it’s rendered grease) in beer. So if you add COOKED bacon to secondary, the liquid fat turns to a solid chunk of floaty stuff on the top of your beer. The soluable bacon “flavor” is absorbed over a few weeks at 40 F.

* Choose a decent hearty base beer like porter or a big brown ale

* Unless you like potentially contracting a fatal disease like trichonisis, cook the bacon!

* Cut the bacon in small pieces.

* Use a bucket for secondary. Want to clean meat out of a carboy?

* Bacon Porter is yummy

* Use a decent bacon such as applewood-smoke

* A pound of bacon is good, but why not add two?

* Use low sodium bacon. Salt in beer?

* Just pour the bacon straight from the hot frying pan into the beer. Use bourbon to deglaze the pan to ensure all yummy bacon flavors make it into the beer. Leave flavor behind?

* You may elect to store the beer at room temp for a few hours, but I would store it under 40 F after then.

* To remove all fat, rack several times and cover racking cane with a grain bag.


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