Grow Radio: Real People, Real Music

IMG_4542Bill Bryson
The Kitchen Sink
Monday 1-3pm
Cat herder, marble scrambler, general (doesn’t) know-it-all, Grow Radio GM
LeelaLeela Corman
Ecstasy to Frenzy
on hiatus
Leela is an illustrator, cartoonist, and Middle Eastern dancer. Originally from New York, she now proudly makes Gainesville her home.

Twitter: LeelaOfNewYork


DocJeremy “Doc” Murdock
2nd Ave Shuffle
Wednesday 1-3pm
Doc Stanley has been a main stay in Gainesville DJing circles since 1997. Starting off as Germz the Doc, he got his start playing hip-hop and drum & bass at the Soulhouse and then on the roof at the original Simons, playing weekly until 2005. Struck by lightning and an urge to play more soul and funk, Doc Stanley debuted at the 2nd St. Speakeasy later that same year. Maintaining a successful weekly every Wednesday with a different guest each week until 2008, Doc tired of all the Britney Spears requests and left the bar DJing scene. Since that time, Doc Stanley has been chasing unicorns, contributing occasionally to Lead Us Down and playing RAWK MUZAK once a month on the 2nd Ave. Shuffle, Thursdays from 2-4pm.
Lara and MeredithMeredith and Lara
Female Trouble
1st Monday 11pm-12am
3rd Monday 11pm-12am

Lara and Meredith met in 2005 at the now-defunct Book Lover’s Cafe. Years as wage slaves serving you your Sage Lentil Loaf allowed the two to bond over their favorite music on the cafe stereo.  Since that time, both women have been a part of several music projects around the country (Cave Rave, Mary Christ, Feral Pride..) and are currently one half of the all-lady punk band ALIEN SUMMER.
Jim headshotJim Grantham
Sax & Violins
Wednesday 9-11am
Tom HartTom Hart
The Four Passions
on daddy leave

Tom Hart is a cartoonist and creator of The Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville. He has been drawing comics professionally for 20 years and DJing amateurly for 1.
meBill Perry
Things Be Blowin’ Around
Thursday 12-2pm

Perry has been involved in the music scene since the first days he moved to Gainesville in 1980. Working at Hyde and Zeke since 1982 and DJing at clubs and local radio over the years.
Joe & Craig GrowRadioJoe & Craig
Joe and Craig Show
Sunday 5-7pm
Joe and Craig dazzle fans with an unrivaled, award-winning mix of skills. They masterfully explore Dance, Club, Euro, Top 40 and remixes to rock the East Coast’s top venues with their unique style.Their extensive musical background allows them to be uniquely versatile with the ability to create the long, musically correct blends.  This unique combination of skills allow Joe and Craig to masterfully electrify virtually any type of crowd.Joe and Craig also owned dance clubs in South Carolina and South Florida, spinning their own mixes and a collection of energizing music. In 1998 Joe and Craig were the first DJ’s in the area to incorporate   video and audio simultaneously, giving their patrons a great beat matched with original videos. They have produced their own audio and video tracks for well-known artists and studios.”Let us take you on a Journey ~ Spinning a variety of the best past and current tunes…… Music is a passion, it touches a personal spot in all of us, and it is our job to spin music that lifts you up, energizing your mind and spirit. ~ Let The Rhythm Move You.”

Travis Magoo
2nd & 4th Mondays, 11pm-12am
“We’re not in it to lose”
florida rules pictureJoe Wolf
Florida Rules
Thursday 8-10pm

Forester.  Utility Company.  We keep your lights on.
Owner.  WolfWax.  101 North Main Street, GV/FL.  Books, comics, music and more…
DJ.  Grow Radio.  Florida Rules.  Playing the best Florida bands you’ve never heard.
Grew up on the beach in Daytona.  Sand in the skateboard bearings, swimming in the ocean every day.  Jumping into motel pools till we got kicked out.  Watching NASA rocket launches as a kid, firetails in the southern sky.  Florida is my home.
meBillBartlingGrowStudioDr. Bill
Dr. Bill’s Super Awesome Musical Happy Time
Monday 11am-1pmDr. Bill’s eclectic musical experiences started in the cradle, with both parents practicing church hymns on the organ. As a youngster next door to hippie teenagers listening to The Mothers and Velvet Underground, his record purchases immediately ran the gamut from bubble gum to acid rock. Throughout his teens, being a guitar player, he focused on progressive and southern rock and fusion jazz, while secretly cherishing sappy 70’s pop-rock and disco. Fast forward to grad school in Atlanta during the burgeoning Georgia scene in the early 80’s, and playing in bands in Orlando’s late 80’s original music scene, musical categories have never been important to him. His vinyl collecting now became addictive due to people unloading records to purchase the new “better sounding” format, compact disc. The late-90’s club scene in Orlando brought his weekly show “Dr. Bill’s Plethora of Pop”, entertaining mostly DJ’s trying to find the next obscure beat for their dance records. The 2000’s included a stint in a ska/jazz band in Pittsburgh before moving to north Central Florida. A chance encounter with a Grow DJ at a bar in Gainesville in 2011 led to his involvement with the station, and his show, Super Awesome Musical Happy Time, is now in it’s 2nd year. He plays only “Happy” music to get you going on Monday morning!
2012-12-13 23.34.52Shawn Maschino
Lost Sharks
Monday 3pm-5pm

Derek Wohlust
Monday, 7-8pm
Born to a sorority girl and a man with really cool sunglasses, Derek fled the hum drum existence of preschool to live in the desert just south of Barstow.  After extensive travel, he returned to the rivers where he was adopted by a family of rabid otters.  This led to average grades in high school.Under the auspices of Buttermilk, he found a true passion for playing music to imprisoned audiences.  Dissatisfied with the screams of the chained he moved from bar to bar to Colorado npr station to bar to bar and finally found GrowRadio.  Now the real torture could begin.He still visits his adopted family from time to time but the dinners are awkward due to his distaste of freshwater fish.
TPinklerTed Pinkler
Thursday 6-8p
robbie-and-abbey-1Robbie Stevens
Saturday 11am-1pmRobbie escaped the country-music mecca that is Nashville at the age of 18, but not before years of listening to great jazz albums from his Dad’s collection. The journey really took off while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. One class in particular “The Music of Miles Davis” (yes that was an actual class!), was absolutely mind-blowing and essential. New York City was the next stop. It was 11 fantastic years of playing in bands, off-broadway musicals, and enjoying the scene in general. The love of his life landed Robbie in Gainesville, where Grow Radio has presented him with a chance to share this great music with listeners old and new.
Krigbaum headshotJohn Krigbaum
Hope and Anchor
Thursday 4-6pm
KevinKevin Knudsen
New Day Rising
Monday 8-10pm
Kevin spent most of the 80s listening to Husker Du, The Replacements, and R.E.M.  Aside from going to college, finishing grad school, getting married, having a kid, and becoming a quasi-responsible adult, not much has changed for him.  Kevin hosts New Day Rising, Mondays from 8:00 to 10:00.

brian lee
Brian Lee
Planet of Sound
Saturday 7-9pm
A Florida native, Brian grew up on Florida beaches, dusty record stores, and delay pedals. He taught himself guitar dreaming to Cocteau Twins and His Name is Alive, then learned how to play drums by absorbing beats from Digable Planets, Aphex Twin, and Tortoise records. Makes music on his own as the Hifi Envelope and plays drums in Ice Jet. His taste is eclectic, his knowledge deep, and his heart true. You will be hard pressed to meet another drummer as into ambient music as this guy. A veritable encyclopedia of electronic music. His fascination with sound and careful collecting is shared on his show, Planet of Sound.
pictureRicky Marrero
America in the Evening
Tuesday 4-6pm
Rikkums is an 18 year old kid who is trying to do what he can with the little amount of time he has been given on earth. Sic Transit Gloria.
DaveDrobachDave Drobach
2nd Ave Shuffle
Wesnesday 1-3pm
UF Alumni, Gainesville resident, Alachua County voter. Bass player for Careeners (Grabass), WGOT-LPFM Board member, contributor to Jobs worked on SW 2nd Ave: No Idea Records(2001-present), Common Grounds(2004-2010), The Sovereign (2 days in 2005).
HBT guysRon & John
Homebrew Talk
Third Wednesday, 7-8PMOur homebrew jockeys’ mission is to educate the masses, get them off their asses, to pour beer in their glasses of most delicious homebrew.
Reality Bites
Saturday 9-11pm

I have a hyperactive imagination. My mind tends to jump around a little. I have some trouble between fantasy and reality. Also, I like music. And movies.
The Bag of Tricks (B.o.T.)
Fridays 9-11PMMy mother says I was rapping before I could talk, and I was scratching records before I could give a decent fist bump. I made my first mix tape before I could even walk and my poor mother had to listen to it (and pretend she liked it). I’ve been playing music ever since. Shakespeare once suggested that music was the food of love. Well, he was right about that. The B.o.T. is the veritable international eclectic buffet of tunes that will feed your soul until you’re leaping and doing backflips with joy. We will take you on a journey that will bring you uncomfortably close to the edge of the world and push you off into the unknown depths of musical excellence. We’ll bring tears to your eyes and most definitely break your heart… and you will love us for it! Once we’re done with you, you’ll wish everyday was a Friday!Just remember to check your inhibitions at the door, you can take them with you on your way out.~Live fully, love deeply, and listen to The B.o.T.~PS: Prior knowledge of how to turn volume knobs to the maximum will significantly boost your B.o.T. experience.
Dan HenryDan Henry
What’s the Story?
Tuesday 8-10pm
Born at a young age, Dan likes music of all shapes and sizes, as long as it’s good. He reached the finals of 2004 Michigan Geographic Bee, but it was all downhill from there (except for Bonnaroo 2011). A Michigan transplant and recent UF grad (Economics with a minor in Meteorology) who’s been co-editor of a literary review (now defunct), and has worked for WRUF-TV here in Gainesville as a weatherman. He’s always down for a good conversation about the merits of the 1997 Seattle Mariners, a rap battle (he’ll usually lose), or the best Mario Kart characters. When not DJing, reading depressing literature or yammering about politics or weather, he plays guitar and bass in a local band. He will gladly play you in ping-pong, tennis or Halo 3, and loves live music almost as much as hurricanes.

About growradio

Grow Radio is a volunteer-run, community internet radio station broadcasting live from Gainesville, FL Grow Radio is a non-profit company that will provide the opportunity for community members to create and manage unique, engaging, educational, informative, locally-generated programming to promote fine, musical and visual arts and humanities for the enrichment of, but not limited to, the Gainesville community.
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