New Music in Rotation on Grow Radio, 1/11/13

Mogwai-A Wrenched Virile Lore (Sub Pop) H

Toy Love-Live at the Gluepot, 1980 (Goner) H

Martin Creed-Love to you (Moshi Moshi) M
Perelman, Shipp, Bisio-The Gift (Leo Records) M
Calvin Love-New Radar (Autumn Tone) M
Rage Against the Machine-XX (Epic Legacy) M
Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, Whit Dickey-The Clairvoyant ((Leo Records) M
The Trashed Romeos-Where Dreamers Never Go (Trashy Creatures) M
UV Race-Racism (In the Red) M
Night Moves-Colored Emotions (Domino) M
Dope Body-Natural History (Drag City) M
Mother Mother-The Sticks (Last Gang) L
Stephen Lynch-Lion (W.A.R.T.) L
Cub Scouts-Told You So (self-release) L
Elin Ruth-Bang (Divers Avenue) L
Clayton Brothers-The Gathering (ArtstShare) L
Robert Paterson-Six Mallet Marimba (AMR) L
Makoto Nakura-Wood and Forest (AMR) L
The Emperors of Wyoming-The Emperors of Wyoming (Proper) L
Ivo Perelman, Jpe Morris, Gerald Cleaver-Living Jelly (Leo Records) L
The Big Ol Nasty Getdown (Getdown Entertainment) L
Sky Ferreira-Ghost (Capitol) L
One Finger riot-Fly By life (Post Planetary) L

About growradio

Grow Radio is a volunteer-run, community internet radio station broadcasting live from Gainesville, FL Grow Radio is a non-profit company that will provide the opportunity for community members to create and manage unique, engaging, educational, informative, locally-generated programming to promote fine, musical and visual arts and humanities for the enrichment of, but not limited to, the Gainesville community.
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