DJ LX interviews Sey

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====> Ryan “Sey” Seymour ( born August 14th, 1990) is an Chicago rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Sey (pronounced “see”) first gained prominence as a rapper/emcee for TheDREAMERS—a collaborative small group of young artists, emcees, and producers from around the world. Sey achieved recognition for his work with Razi Bear. The two collaborated onSunshine&Cocopops which dropped in 2011, as well as Scenes of Our Dreams (2012). The style of production originally used high-pitched vocal samples from soul songs incorporated with Razi’s drums and instruments. He later broadened his influences to include baroque pop, trip hop, house, folk, alternative, electronica, synthpop, industrial, and classical music.

Raised in a middle-class household in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Sey began rapping in high school becoming involved in the city’s hip hop scene. Sey attended DePaul University. After starting TheDREAMERS in 2012, Sey released the group’s first album Visions of Reality to commercial and critical acclaim. The jazz-inspired Is This Real? followed in 2013 and First Batch (with Frank Mackey) would drop later that year. Sey revisited TheDREAMERS in 2014 for their first mixtape, SEASON. As 2014 has worn on, Sey switched subject matters on his emotive effort CHICAGO/worldwide(which has only been out for a few weeks and has received many positive responses) and embraced maximalism on REMIXES with Multiplier.
With Chicago/worldwide doing so well, the emcee refuses to slow down. You can look forward to hearing more from Sey later this month as TheDREAMERS gear up for SEASON 2.<====
Listen to the interview here

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