The Dewars To Play Farewell Show Wednesday at The Atlantic

By Tyler Francischine

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Photo courtesy of The Dewars

Like pilgrims making the trek to Mecca, Gainesville musicians The Dewars are leaving their Florida roots behind in search of gigs, thrills and opportunity in New York City. They’ll play one last show Wednesday night at The Atlantic with Tiny Farm and Pearl & The Oysters. On the opening track of their 2015 full-length All A Part of The Show, Anthony and Zachary Dewar warn against the perils of a life spent comfortably at the homestead. Far from suckers for their hometown, the brothers prepare to bring their signature combination of haunting harmonies and clever lyricism to New York City’s ears.

True to the Dewars’ penchant for #twinning, the following quotes cannot clearly be attributed to one Dewar over another.

What inspired your decision to move to the Big Apple? What are your goals and dreams for this next phase?

“While I partially agree with Tim McGraw’s statement ‘You can have a lot of fun in a New York minute, but there’s some things you can’t do inside the city limits,’ I also believe there are things you can do inside the city limits that can’t be done elsewhere. As far as dreams and goals go: mass stardom, billions of dollars, 101 dalmatians and an infinity pool.”

What will you miss most about Gainesville, or Florida in general?

“I’ll miss my Gainesville friends and that Thai restaurant called Bangkok Square. In terms of Florida, there’s a lot to miss but I haven’t been able to miss them yet because I’ve just been here. But let’s face it – you can take the boy out of Florida, but you can’t take the Florida out of the boy.”

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Photo courtesy of The Dewar family

What was the biggest challenge of being a band in Gainesville?

“The biggest challenge of being a band in Gainesville is getting a hold of Ryan O’Malley. Honestly, the hardest part of being a band there was the people weren’t ready. Our music is like a foreign language they couldn’t understand. But seriously, the hardest part about being a band there is that the long-term prospects proved unfruitful, and it’s not that stimulating of an environment to write in. For me. No offense. Go gators.”

Now, some background – how long have you been creating and playing together?

“We’ve been playing since the summer of seventh grade but didn’t take it seriously until the winter of eighth grade. To be honest, I don’t clearly remember meeting each other, but we’ve known each other for a long time, and we’ve been creating art forever.”

What effect do you hope your music has on listeners?

“That depends on the song – sometimes charmed, sometimes scared, but mostly pleasantly surprised and amused.”

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Photo by Noah Lamport

What’s your favorite aspect of the musical process?

“All aspects have their unique perks. Like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. If I had to choose, it would be fishing for new concepts and bringing them to life.”

Where are you at within the creation process of your next release?

“That’s a really good question. We’ve had some flaky producers that have led to unfinished albums but we’re going to crank out some DIY albums in the very near future. Might as well be an LP, but with the shrinking attention spans of today we could be releasing it note by note.”

How do you define success for The Dewars? On a broader level, what do you think constitutes ‘making it’ in today’s climate?

“You start by setting your expectations very low. Just kidding. Success boils down to being excited about the art that you create and its potential to positively affect those who come into contact with it. I would consider ‘making it’ being able to travel around the world on my music and rock some socks off along the way.”


Photo by Noah Lamport




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