The Conch, May 5, 2015 “Viva Mexico!”

The Conch in May featured storytellers telling their stories based on the theme, “Viva Mexico!”
You can check out the podcast here
Don’t forget to come to the next Conch, June 2 when the theme will be, “Summer Vacation”
We’re excited to bring featured storyteller, Shannon Cason, to tell a story at The Conch in June

Check out Shannon’s podcast, Homemade Stories, at his website,
e made a nice shout out to Satchel and The Conch in episode #64

check it out here!

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The Conch, April 7, 2015 “The Great Outdoors”

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The Conch in April had the theme, “The Great Outdoors.”

It was sponsored by Alachua Conservation Trust and Alachua Audubon

You can check out the podcast here

You can find out more about The Conch on our Facebook page

Don’t miss the Conch on May 5 when the theme will be, “Viva Mexico!”

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The Conch, March 2, 2015 “Gardening and Farming”

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The Conch in March had the theme, “Gardening and Farming.”
We were proud to partner with Forage Farm, Swallowtail Farm and Porters Community Farm

Enjoy our new podcast format which features some of the best stories from the night

The Conch Podcast

Find us on Facebook and check the schedule for upcoming Conch events

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The Conch, Feb 3, 2015

We had a great Conch event February 3 at Lightnin’ Salvage. The theme was. “Weird Florida” and the tales were entertaining and…weird. Enjoy the podcast here and we hope to see you March 3 at Lightnin Salvage when the theme will be “Gardening and Farming” and we’ll be partnering with Forage Farm, Swallowtail Farm, The Porters Community Garden and Florida Organic Growers

Check out the podcast here

Photos by Rick Stepp

Photos by Rick Stepp

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Grow Radio Transitioning to Podcast-Only Format

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Grow Radio: Ch Ch Ch Changes

TowerlogoGrow Radio, Gainesville’s first community internet radio station, will be changing format in 2015, moving from live-streaming, freeform programming to a podcast-only format. Always moving forward with the changing times, Grow Radio has recognized the shift in listener preference towards podcast-based listening and specialized selection with regard to internet-based content.

Grow Radio was established in 2009 in response to a broad community desire for an alternative to the then-existing FM programming available locally. In the following five years Grow Radio programmed a lively schedule of freeform radio following a hybridized format of the best college and community radio models. Grow Radio has engaged an active and loyal listenership, turned on a community of volunteers and listeners to a plethora of music never before programmed in the area, and offered student and community members the unique opportunity to create progressive and original programming. In those five years we have observed the station take shape and identity, gaining recognition and support within and outside the Gainesville community.

With the transition from a live streaming station to a podcast-only format, the majority of existing programs will end, but new programs will emerge in the coming year. The Conch storytelling podcast will continue as will the Homebrew Talk podcast. A new show, I Am Gainesville, will be produced to shine the light on unique community members who bring something special to Gainesville. Other programming will be added as it is developed.

The podcast format will enable Grow Radio to continue to simultaneously add value to, to invigorate and to celebrate the culture of Gainesville that exists and thrives within and outside the mainstream.

Grow Radio is seeking new podcast programming, generated by you, the community, that will be engaging and provocative. If you have a show idea that you would like to develop please contact the station at and we can discuss your show ideas and assist with the development and production.

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Show Your Grow!


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The October Conch Podcast

Podcast of the Conch stories in October. the theme was “On Tour” and a wide variety of tales were told
Come out November 9 for the November Conch, the theme will be “Pets and Companions”
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Clips from the Grow Radio Pizza Eating Contest

Clips from the day & the contest itself:



Betty, Betty Blackfoot:

thanks to the sponsors:

The Sun came out to cover the event

good times! thanks to all involved.

Thanks tomAndrew Chadwick for the footage

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New Music in Rotation on Grow Radio 10/9/14

Caribou-Our Love (Merge) H

Zola Jesus-TAIGA (Mute) H
The Dead Milkmen-Pretty Music for Pretty People (Self released) M
Il Sogno Del Marinaio-canto secondo (Clenched Wrench) H
Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble (ATO) H

S-Cool Choices (Hardly Art) M
Hamish Kilgour-All of it and Nothing (Ba Da Bing) M
Temporary-Selections from Dunedin’s Pop Underground 2011-2014 (Ba Da Bing) M
Bonny Prince Billy-Singers Grave a Sea of Tongues (Drag City) H
Eternal Summers-The Drop Beneath (Kanine) M
Broods-Evergreen (Capitol) L
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell (Yep Roc) H
Alt J-This is All Yours (Atlantic) L
The Barr Brothers-Sleeping Operator (Secret City) L
The Budos Band-Burnt Offering (Daptone) H
Ex Hex-Rips (Merge) H
Minus The Bear-Lost Loves (Dangerbird) L
The Van Allen Belt-Heaven on a Branch (Nonstop Everything) L
The Rural Alberta Advantage-Mended With Gold (Saddle Creek) L
Julian Casablancas and the Voidz-Tyranny (Cult) L
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